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Sitting—The New Smoking?

I'm an unabashed fan of old movies, good and bad. The time period between 1930and 1960 holds a particular... read more

An Interview with Hung Gar's Sifu Donald Hamby

Here is a wonderful interview conducted by Sifu Pavel Macek, with our friend, Hung Gar Sifu Donald Hamby. Sifu... read more

Life is Too Short For Bad Kung Fu

Yes, it's true! A new book in English by Adam Hsu. If this were Hollywood, Sifu Adam Hsu’s new book,... read more

Drunken Boxing, Chicken Boxing, Duck Boxing, and so on

After our recent article on Drunken Boxing, a friend sent us a Q & A he had synchronistically seen... read more

Three Fighting Stars: Xin Yi, Chang and Gong Li Quan

Xin Yi Liu He Boxing Chang's Pugilistic Volume Southern Shaolin: Secrets of Gong Li Quan Boxing                 All three of these... read more

The Eye of Robert Smith

Here is a short and direct excerpt from one of the forefathers of western martial arts writings. Robert Smith... read more

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